News & Updates

April 2022

Jaqueline's twin boys were enrolled in our program this month. Our nurses found them crying from hunger at their grandmother's house.

January 2022

In January we enrolled 13 babies, including 10 orphans, one set of twins with a critically ill mother, and one baby c CP. Nurses made 174 visits to infants this month. Baby Admission Story. Christina sits on her grandmother’s lap in the picture above. Her mother was 30 years old…

January in Malawi

I've always found colors to be more vibrant in Malawi, particularly in rural areas. As we drive away from town, I touch...

September 2021

10 babies were enrolled (7 orphans and 3 whose mother critically ill in hospital). 147 babies were visited and 6 discharged. 243 babies are being followed 2 mothers were enrolled and one discharged. 23 women are being followed Mother Care Story. 19-year-oldRhoda was healthy and had a normal pregnancy.  When…


Six year old Mercy came by our office last week just to say hello. Mercy’s mother died moments after her birth and Joyful Motherhood nurses visited her and her grandmother for the first two years of her life. Nurses provided formula, porridge, health education, and lots of encouragement. We are…

Great News!

AMHI is the grateful recipient of a Legacy Collective Grant. We are incredibly grateful to the Legacy Collective for valuing our work and trusting the families we serve to be true partners in their care!


At 34 Emma was healthy and pregnant with her second child.  On April 27th, she delivered him by c-section. Within 24hours Emma’s abdomen began to swell and when clinicians reopened her surgical wound, they discovered a perforated bowel. Part of her treatment involved the creation a temporary colostomy.  After this…

Meet Merelina

Merelina's mother died when she was only two weeks old and most people in her community did not believe she would survive.