News & Updates

March 2021

6 babies and 2 women were enrolled in March. Many times when a woman dies the cause of her death remains unknown.

February 2021

During the month of February we admitted 6 infants (5 orphans, and 1 baby without breast milk). Nurses visited 155 infants and distributed 550 tins of formula. We currently have 237 babies and 22 women in our care. Baby Admission Stories. (1) Twenty-year-old Alice’s first pregnancy ended in a normal…

January 2021

We enrolled 14 babies in January! 3 sets of triplets, 4 orphans, and 1 baby whose mother had no breast milk. This month nurses visited 160 babies, 580 tins of formula were distributed and 261 women and infants remain in our care. Baby Admission Story. Anna already had four children…

December 2020

At times the suffering and needs we encounter are deeper and more complex than our capacity to heal and restore. At times promising not to leave is the most powerful support me can offer. The act of standing with women is a central part of what we do.

November 2020 Updates

In the month of November the nurses enrolled 9 infants (including 8 orphans and 1 whose mother was experiencing postpartum psychosis). They enrolled 2 women after traumatic births, both who had their uteruses and ovaries removed due to severe infections. The team visited 203 infants and women and distributed 662…

Survivors of Traumatic Births

Too many woman die in pregnancy and childbirth in Africa. Many others survive traumatic births, but should we simply count their survival as success?

October 2020 Updates

In the month of October… 11 babies were enrolled including 8 orphans, 2 babies of moms with no breast milk and 1 baby whose mom was experiencing psychosis. 2 critically ill women were enrolled after difficult deliveries 203 babies and postpartum mothers received home visits by nurses 626 tins of…

September 2020 Updates

This month nurses enrolled 12 babies (5 orphans (including a set of twins), a set of triplets, 1 baby whose mom is in the ICU, and 3 infants whose moms are not producing any breastmilk). One mother was enrolled due to severe infection. Nurses visited 213 women and babies and…