August 2021

In August 19 babies were enrolled in the Baby Care Program. Of the 19, 13 of these babies were orphans, 2 babies with cerebral palsy and unable to breastfeed, 2 babies with mothers were unable to lactate, and one set of twins whose mother was not producing enough milk to sustain them both. Nurses visited 155 infants and 21 women.

Two women were enrolled in the Mother Care program.  One experienced sepsis and a difficult recovery, and the other mother had a severe postpartum infection which led to a complete hysterectomy. Both of their babies survived birth.

240 babies are currently being followed, 23 women are being followed.

Baby Admission Story. Chisomo’s mother became sick during her last trimester.  She developed a cough and a terrible headache that was unrelenting.  When she arrived at the hospital, nurses diagnosed her with high blood pressure and admitted her.  In an effort of self-preservation four days later, her body delivered Chisomo one month early.  She remained hospitalized for observation for an additional six days and then was discharged home.  Within two weeks, her condition deteriorated.  She died on her way back to the hospital.  No one knows the true cause of her death.  Covid? Pre-eclampsia? Severe anemia? Sepsis?  All these are possibilities.  What is known is that a previously healthy 39-year-old woman died on July 31st.  And with her death, her daughter Chisomo’s survival was also imperiled.   Thankfully Chisomo’s family was guided to Joyful Motherhood by someone who came to pay her respect at the funeral. Our nurses will continue to follow and support Chisomo over the next two years.