January 2022

In January we enrolled 13 babies, including 10 orphans, one set of twins with a critically ill mother, and one baby c CP. Nurses made 174 visits to infants this month.

Baby Admission Story. Christina sits on her grandmother’s lap in the picture above. Her mother was 30 years old with two other children when she delivered Christina. According to her medical book, the labor and delivery were uncomplicated. Christina left the hospital in her mother’s arms on August 24th. However, one week after arriving home, her mother began to swell noticeably and complained of chest pain. The family took her to Dowa District Hospital where she was admitted and told that the symptoms were related to her liver. She remained hospitalized for an extended period and continued to deteriorate. She died on December 19th. After she died, the family tried to sustain Christina on juice drinks because they could not afford formula, but a neighbor who also had an infant enrolled with Joyful Motherhood told them about our program and escorted the grandmother to our office.

Mother Care. All three women enrolled in our program in the month of January developed severe infections following cesarean sections which ultimately led to complete hysterectomies and prolonged illness. One of the three lost her baby during her birth. These women will receive visits from our nurses as they continue healing in their homes. They will receive supplemental food and eventually a small stipend for an income generating project.

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