Providing care for critically ill mothers
and vulnerable infants in Malawi.

What We Do

African Mothers Health Initiative started with the effort to save the life of one baby following his mother’s death. When a woman dies just after childbirth in Malawi, her healthy newborn often follows her in death. Not for a lack of love or care, but simply poverty. This second death is so common that it is expected. AMHI exists to ensure the survival of infants whose mothers die shortly after childbirth, other high-risk infants, and to care for women who experience significant chronic illness following birth.

AMHI is a 501c3 which was founded together with our sole partner organization, Chimwemwe mu’bereki /Joyful Motherhood (a registered Malawian NGO), which implements the work in Malawi.

Our Work in Malawi

Our Mother Care Program provides in-home support to critically ill postpartum women.

Our Baby Care Program provides nurse visits, formula, and care to vulnerable newborns for the entire first year of their lives.

Our in-country partner, Joyful Motherhood, employs nurse-midwives to provide services.

Our Impact and Results

In Malawi, 6% of children die before the age of 5 years. Of these, 68% die within their first year and 40% die within the first month.

By targeting high risk infants ages 0-1 year we can have a significant impact on child survival.

Over 95% of the babies enrolled in our program survive.

A donation of $1500 to AMHI results in one death averted.

Our Mission

African Mothers Health Initiative exists with the core knowledge that the lives of all women and children are precious.

The ultimate goal is the evolution of an environment in which women are free to experience and appreciate the birth process and motherhood as one of the great joys of human existence.

Latest News and Stories

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