Angela was a healthy 23-year-old, pregnant with her second baby. The midwife notes and lab results in her prenatal booklet foretold an uneventful labor and delivery. When her contractions started, Angela arrived at the health clinic with the trepidation that…

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Joyful Motherhood & Covid

With limited testing capability, 33 cases of Covid-19 have been identified in Malawi and three deaths have been attributed to the virus. An injunction to stay the original lockdown order by the President has been extended to April 29th. Fear…

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Corona Virus in Malawi

On March 23rd there were no confirmed Covid-19 cases in Malawi but President Peter Mutharika, declared a national disaster and closed all schools and universities. As of yesterday there were 16 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Malawi and two deaths.…

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