Six year old Mercy came by our office last week just to say hello. Mercy’s mother died moments after her birth and Joyful Motherhood nurses visited her and her grandmother for the first two years of her life. Nurses provided…

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Miracle was born prematurely. Her mother suffered eclamptic seizures, and though she survived, she had a long slow recover and remained permanently impaired. Miracle was enrolled in March 2018 (see the full story and earlier picture) and with support from…

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Joyful Motherhood’s nurses have been following this beautiful mother and her triplets since their birth. She has three other children and thanks to the support of JM her babies are thriving.

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Regina was the fourth child in her family. Everything went well with the pregnancy and the delivery. Mother and baby left the hospital 24hours after delivery. Eight days later Regina’s mother, Alefa, started complaining of chest pain and she was…

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Look at this gorgeous little man. Trust was orphaned just after birth and is being raised by both his maternal and paternal grandmothers. He is clearly thriving with their love and the continued support of Joyful Motherhood. Trust is now…

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This is Andrew on his grandfather’s back. Andrew was born in April 2018, his mother delivered him by c-section. Following the surgery, Andrew’s mother developed a severe infection which led to the surgical removal of her uterus in a desperate…

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Shalom (Peace) was born on February 2 this year at home in Mozambique (just across the border from Malawi). She was her mother’s fifth child. Her mother had had four normal births without complication but after Shalom was born the…

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