Joyful Motherhood & Covid

With limited testing capability, 33 cases of Covid-19 have been identified in Malawi and three deaths have been attributed to the virus. An injunction to stay the original lockdown order by the President has been extended to April 29th. Fear of hunger and related civil unrest continue to eclipse fears of Covid. And, the goal of a lockdown in Malawi is being debated; there is no possibility of flattening “the curve” sufficiently to ensure that the health care system care would be able to cope with cases.

In this world, where everything is changing day by day – and where it seems everything is at stake – Joyful Motherhood staff continue to visit clients in their communities, supporting families with fragile babies as well as women convalescing after difficult deliveries. In the above picture are nurses Verina (left) and Nitta (right) and our driver (Mr. Ritchie).