November 2020 Updates

Miracle with her Grandmother, her mother died suddenly in November. Miracle is 5mo old.

In the month of November the nurses enrolled 9 infants (including 8 orphans and 1 whose mother was experiencing postpartum psychosis). They enrolled 2 women after traumatic births, both who had their uteruses and ovaries removed due to severe infections. The team visited 203 infants and women and distributed 662 tins of formula.

Baby Admission Story. The year doctors told her that the problem with her leg was cancer, TG was 20.  This was the same year she became pregnant.  She experienced one body growing inside, gaining substance, gaining movement, gaining strength.  While simultaneously experiencing her own slipping strength and increasing fragility. It would be reasonable to believe that the vitality of the life growing within would spread to the life of the woman who was its source and its vessel.  But, that is not what happened.  At best, TG experienced days when she tolerated the pain in her leg; when the sick pain was almost eclipsed by the pressure in her pelvis and the kicking in her ribs.  Her family brought her to the hospital again and again, but the treatments offered did not stop her suffering nor the progression of her disease.  Her family watched her belly grow and worried about TG and the fate of her child.  On September 24th she delivered her daughter by cesarean section. They had a few good days together but in early November, the progression of her disease and the pace of her decline peaked.  TG died on November 10th.  Unable to bear the cost of purchasing formula, her grieving family sought desperately for help for her orphaned daughter.  Ultimately it was TG’s grandfather who heard about Joyful Motherhood and it was he, who lovingly bundled his six week old great-granddaughter and traveled the distance to ensure her survival.

Mother Admission Story. Eighteen year old Maligelita’s birth experience started with pain and imagined visions of a baby in arms. The middle involved great suffering, a cesarean section provided too late, a hemorrhage, and a blood transfusion. The end involved a dead baby and then the removal of her uterus and ovaries. Nurses will never return her baby or her uterus but they will be with her. They will monitor her physical healing and guide those around her in their support, to give her the best chance to begin to heal emotionally. Donate