October 2019

This month nurses enrolled 9 babies (7 orphans (including 2 sets of twins) and 2 babies of critically ill mothers). Several new mothers were identified for the mother care program but are still in hospital. 126 visits were conducted.

Baby Admission Story. 20-year-old Catherine starting contracting on the 1st of September and presented to the nearest health center. On the 5th her water broke, on the 8th she was referred to the District Hospital where her baby girl was finally delivered by c-section. Two days later she returned home with her daughter in her arms. On the 19th she returned to the health center with a swollen abdomen, again she was referred, this time to the regional hospital. She underwent surgery but her condition deteriorated and she died 9 days later. Nurses at the hospital referred her family and baby to Chimwemwe mu’bereki.

Other Developments. This month we said goodbye to Beatrice Namaleu, who was the program manager since the inception of Chimwemwe mu’bereki and welcomed Annette Namangale to our team.