May 2021

In May 8 babies were enrolled, including 7 orphans and 1 baby whose mother is admitted due to postpartum psychosis.  Mothers of the orphans died from:  seizure disorder (diagnosed in childhood), tuberculosis, 3 from severe anemia and an unknown illness, a respiratory illness, and an unknown illness.

This month we lost two babies.  Jennix was a twin whose health was strong during his first year but over the past several months he struggled with abdominal issues and this month he developed pneumonia.  He died in hospital.  Chifuniro was an orphan still receiving formula he developed a fever and respiratory illness in the village, he died before his family made it to the hospital.

Three women were admitted in May.  We are currently following 234 infants and 23 women.  140 visits to infants and women were made and 546 tins of formula were distributed to babies in need of formula. 

Mother Care Admission Story.  19-year-old Annie had a long labor and after 24hrs in hospital her baby boy was delivered by c-section on April 11th.  The baby developed a fever the following day and was admitted to the nursery (there is no NICU and only babies needing support are admitted to the nursery). Annie was discharged after two days but stayed on the hospital grounds waiting for her baby to recover.  On the fifth day after delivery, she experienced severe abdominal pain and began vomiting. She was transferred to the Regional Hospital and when the doctors opened her abdomen (11 days after delivery), they found that her uterus had ruptured during the delivery and it was also completely necrotic.  They did a complete hysterectomy and admitted her to the ICU.  She was discharged this month but is not producing any breast milk. Joyful Motherhood will continue to provide at home nursing care for both Annie and her son.