March 2019

During March, 9 newborn orphans were admitted and one set of abandoned twins. Nurses visited 134 babies and distributed 504 tins of formula. There are currently 236 babies in the program.

Baby Story. Tadala was one of the babies admitted in March. Her mother, Esnart, died shortly after delivery. The second tragedy compounding the loss of her mother, was the lack of a clear cause of death. In Malawi, many times the cause of death is not established. Family members are left with hazy memories of complaints and a quick deterioration. Why should an otherwise healthy 35 year old woman die suddenly? Esnart went to the hospital in active labor, her delivery was difficult and after many hours a clinician assisted her to deliver with a vacuum extractor. Her baby girl came into the world already stressed. Her limp body was massaged and gradually her condition improved. Two days later all seemed well and mom and baby were discharged. However, Tadala soon developed a high fever and was readmitted for a severe infection. She was treated with antibiotics and discharged again. Then, a few days later, Esnart began complaining of chest pain and diarrhea. She was readmitted to the hospital. She began seizing. She was admitted to a critical care unit but within two days her condition deteriorate and she died. The family was referred to Joyful Motherhood by a nurse at the hospital.