June 2021

In June we enrolled 6 infants, including 3 orphans and 3 babies without access to breast milk. Two of the mothers of orphans died from postpartum hemorrhage and the third died from unknown causes (they were 20, 21, and 25 years old).   Three postpartum women were enrolled, each suffered severe postpartum infections which ultimately led to total hysterectomies (they were 17, 19 and 30 years old). Nurses visited 148 babies and women in their homes. 589 tins of formula were distributed.

Mother Care Admission. Zione knew she would deliver her baby by c-section, her first two children were born by c-section and the safest option for her would be another c-section.  When her labor started she presented to the hospital and clinicians delivered her son again by c-section.  She returned home with her baby three days later. About a week later she noticed drainage from the wound and returned to the hospital. Her wound was reopened, and they found that her uterus was necrotic. She had a total hysterectomy.  Despite her severe illness and close brush with death, Zione recovered well and continues to breastfeed.  Joyful Motherhood nurses will continue to follow her at home until her recovery is complete.

Baby Care Admission.  Georgina was 21 years old and excited about having her first baby.  The midwives advised her to await labor on the grounds of the District Hospital (as opposed to at home or at a health clinic) so that she might access emergency obstetric care if necessary.  At the end of her pregnancy, she packed a bag and traveled to the District Hospital.  She waited two weeks before her labor started.  Her daughter was born on March 20th healthy and screaming but Georgina bled profusely.  Midwives stopped the bleeding but the following day it was clear that her condition was poor and she would need a transfusion.  She was transferred to the Regional Hospital but before any additional action was taken, Georgina died.  Her family assumed care for her newborn, struggling to feed and provide for her.  This month they were finally directed to Joyful Motherhood and we will continue to follow the family, provide home-based nursing care, formula and later porridge for the baby until age two.

Donate to support Georgina’s daughter and nursing visits to Zione.