July 2021

In July we admitted 24 babies, this is the most admission we have ever had in a single month. 17 of these babies are orphans including 2 sets of twins.  Nurses are currently following 233 babies and 21 women.  Nurses visited 216 babies and women this month and distributed 587 tins of formula.

Baby Care Story. Everything went smoothly with Hajira’s fourth pregnancy. She experienced the regular fatigue and discomforts but she still managed to keep up with her other four children, even the twins. Thankfully the delivery was also uneventful, her daughter was born on May 19th and after 24hrs, Hajira took her new baby home to introduce her to the family.  Initially, everything continued well her baby was an eager feeder, she produced plenty of milk and she watched her daughter grow and change day by day. In mid-June Hajira felt the familiar symptoms of malaria – severe pain in her back and joints – and went to the hospital. She was treated for malaria and seemed to recover but then one week later she developed a cough. When she returned to the hospital, she was treated for asthma, but this time there was no improvement. Hajira died on July 5th.  Hajira did not have any pre-existing lung condition and though no one will ever know for certain it is possible that she may have died from Covid. Her family was immediately referred to Joyful Motherhood for continued support of her infant. 

As always we depend on your support to provide quality care to our beneficiaries, and with such a large increase in admissions our resources are stretched more than usual. Please consider making a donation in honor of Hajira.

We appreciate your generosity.