July 2018 Activity Update

  • 17 Babies were admitted in July.  The mothers of 13 of these babies died just after their births.  The mothers of 4 of these babies are not producing any milk, including 1 set of premature twins.
  • Nurses visited 155 babies
  • 70 of the 248 babies currently in our care are receiving formula, 250 tins of formula were distributed.
  • 4 sick women were enrolled this month and 20 women received visits from nurses

July Admission Stories

Anna went into labor with her 4th baby on June 22nd.  After a long day of painful contractions and no progress, she delivered a 9lb4oz baby boy by c-section.  Mom and baby seemed healthy and were discharged home four days later.  On June 26th Anna complained of a headache and started seizing.   She quickly deteriorated and died at home on the same day.  Baby Lyson and his aunt (pictured above) were referred to Joyful Motherhood to receive assistance.

22 year old Oliveta was well throughout her first pregnancy.  The hospital was far from her village home and so, like many Malawian women, when labor started she stayed in her village and delivered her baby girl at home.  Unfortunately she began to bleed after delivering her daughter.  Those with her were unable to stop the bleeding and there was no quick way to transport her to the hospital.  Her life slipped away within minutes making her tiny 4lb daughter an orphan.  Her relatives brought the baby to the health center seeking help and were referred to Joyful Motherhood.

17 year old Mphatso came to the health center on June 6th for her regular prenatal visit.  This was her first pregnancy and she wanted to make sure her baby was growing well.  While at the health center she fell to the floor and started seizing, that same day she was transferred to the referral hospital and a c-section was done.  Her premature baby weighed only 4lbs.  Nine days later she developed a distended abdomen and an exploratory laparotomy found a severe infection. At that time they did a total hysterectomy.  On June 29th her wound was found to be severely infected. Finally on July 12th, still weak and on anti-hypertensive drugs, she was discharged home.

These are a few of the difficult stories from July.  The need is immense but with our combined compassion, hope, and resources we can support these women and families through their most difficult moments and see them through to the other side.