August 2019

In the month of August 9 babies were enrolled, including (3 orphans, 1 set of triplets, 2 infants with mothers in critical conditions, and 1 abandoned baby). Two postpartum women were enrolled (1 with a ruptured uterus, and one with eclampsia). Nurses made a total of 136 visits.

Baby Admission Story

Ellen’s pregnancy was going well. At 22, this would be her second baby and her prenatal visits were uneventful. Then in the last month of her pregnancy, her right eye became very painful and started to swell. The swelling became so severe that her eye ruptured and she was admitted. Ellen struggled with pain and her overall health deteriorated. Ellen was diagnosed with cancer. As her family struggled to accept her diagnosis, she gave birth to Miracle, a healthy baby girl. Due to her poor health, Ellen was unable to breastfeed and nurses referred the family to Joyful Motherhood for ongoing support.

Mother Admission Story

At 28-years-old, nurses in Malawi considered Stella “old” for a first time mother. On 25th July, 2019 she complained of a severe headache then suddenly began convulsing and vomiting blood.  Then she was taken to Bwaila Hospital where she was immediately delivered by caesarian section.  A vigorous term baby boy was born. The cure for eclampsia is delivery and after several days Stella’s condition seemed to improve. She was discharged after 4 days but then two days later she again complained of headache and started convulsing.  Her convalescence has been slow but on 8th the clinician determined she was well enough to return home. Nurses from Joyful Motherhood will continue to follow Stella and her baby to ensure she receives continued and necessary support.