zaniJust outside of town, on the outskirts of Linlongwe, a 19 year old first time mother was rushed to the hospital after her water broke prematurely, where she subsequently gave birth to a baby girl named “Zani”, weighing only 5lbs. Within two days mom and baby were discharged home, but her breast milk did not let down and little Zani was unable to feed at all. Desperate, the mother fed the baby with regular store bought cow’s milk, not meant for babies. Soon, Zani developed fever and spots and was finally admitted to the hospital weeks later with severe weight loss. She was down to just 3.7 lbs. Crying with hunger, the staff at the hospital referred the baby to AMHI’s partner Nurses for management and care. Nurses supplied the family with formula and taught proper feeding techniques. On examination, the mother’s breasts were not producing milk, but she was encouraged to put baby to breast frequently in order to possibly stimulate lactation. Zani’s condition is now stable, and she has been steadily gaining weight.