Our Impact and Results

Admission rates over the past 3 years

  • We have admitted approximately 3 new mothers per month.
  • We have admitted approximately 10 new babies per month (total of 354 intake forms for 36 month period).
    • 23% of these were multiple births (twins or triplets).
    • 28% of cases of these were orphans.
    • 15% of babies were reported low birth weight.

Mortality rates

  • We have lost approximately 8% of our babies over the course of our program. We feel this is still too high and are working to lower this. The child mortality rate for the general population is reported at 7% (WHO, 2012), but for our high risk babies (it is impossible to calculate an accurate figure) it may exceed 40%.
  • We have lost one mother.

Other facts about our clients

  • Of babies, 53 were HIV positive.
  • Of mothers, 12% (12 of 104) were HIV positive.


  • For the 354 babies, nurses made 2,692 visits to see them in their homes.