Who We Are

African Mothers’ Health Initiative (AMHI) is a Texas based non-profit whose mission is to work towards improved maternal and child health in Malawi by spreading the word at home and funding our sister non-profit in MalawiChimwemwe mu’bereki (Joyful Motherhood) is the Malawian sister organization founded to carry out the work in Malawi.

Our History

Joanne Jorissen Chiwaula moved to Malawi in March of 2005 to volunteer as a midwife in the public hospital. When her stories of the women, their babies, and Bwaila hospital reached friends, family, and strangers back home, a stream of emotional and financial support began flowing. Joanne used the money donated to buy formula for the surviving infants of women who died during childbirth and to support women who were critically ill after delivery. As the number of women and babies in need increased Joanne founded African Mothers Health Initiative and Chimwemwe mu’bereki to carry out the work.

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