Category Activity Updates

August 2018 Activity Update

In the month of August, 10 infants and 4 women were enrolled in our programs. Of the 10 babies, 5 were orphans, the mother of 1 was critically ill in the ICU, the mother of another prematurely stopped producing breast…

July 2018 Activity Update

17 Babies were admitted in July.  The mothers of 13 of these babies died just after their births.  The mothers of 4 of these babies are not producing any milk, including 1 set of premature twins. Nurses visited 155 babies…

June 2018 Activity Update

This month 9 babies were enrolled, all of whom are orphans. Nurses visited 140 babies during this month. A total of 241 enrolled babies are currently enrolled. 300 tins of formula were distributed to infants without access to breastmilk. One well loved 7-month old girl died of malaria. 6 postpartum women were enrolled this month (1 with severe anemia, 2 with eclampsia, and 2 with a history of ruptured uterus and hysterectomy) We are following 28 women.