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AMHI provides individualized care for mothers, babies, and their families. Here are some of their stories.

Madalitso Cosmas

Seven months pregnant with her second child, no one was expecting Madalitso Cosmas’s mother to go into labor so soon. Her labor pains began after she had suddenly become very ill, but the symptoms of severe headache, confusion, and delerium made it impossible for her call for help. Despite this, she delivered a tiny but healthy son in her home, by herself. She began to lose consciousness shortly after the delivery. Realizing her daughter had… read more

Lodzani Twins


Memory and Nelson Lodzani Joyful Motherhood first learned of the twins Memory and Nelson Lodzani while they were still in the hospital with their mother. Maonekedwe Lodzani had been diagnosed with cardiac failure before her pregnancy. After delivering a healthy boy and girl, weighing 2.4 kg each, she slipped into a coma. Maonekedwe and her twins were sent to the hospital. Unable to breastfeed, the family was referred to JM for formula and assistance. The… read more


Though we have big dreams, at this point African Mothers Health Initiative (AMHI) and Chimwemwe mu’bereki (CU) are surviving hand-to-mouth. Because Bwaila is a referral hospital, women come from villages all over region to deliver there. This is our starting point. Nurses in the nursery maintain a log of all the babies who need follow-up at home, they obtain maps to their homes and then give the information to the our tiny staff of home… read more